Strangely Literal Episode #094 – A Shot of Whisky (Dollhouse)

skitched-20100506-125249Edited by Tabitha Grace Smith

Tabz admits that there’s no chance that Strangely Literal will turn to Twilight (it was an April Fool’s joke folks), she discusses how fans need to trust Joss. And, she’s close to 100 episodes! Make sure to send in your comment/feedback to congratulate her!

Title:A Shot of Whiskey
By assassin
Fandom: Dollhouse
Character/Pairing: Topher, Dr. Saunders
General Genre: Angst (as usual)
Summary: There’s always a girl.
Spoilers: Up to the finale. Notes: I slapped this one out right after watching “Omega,” so it’s kind of lame and totally unbeta’ed.