Strangely Literal Episode #070 – My Bodyguard (Firefly/Buffy)




Title: My Bodyguard
Author: Romanceguru
Disclaimer: Joss is the boss of me. 
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Firefly/Buffy
Characters: Andrew Wells & Jayne Cobb centered fic with Zoe, Mal, Inara, River & OC slayer. 
Pairings: Jayne/Andrew (implied). 
Prompt: “Hero-worship” 
Timeline: Post-BDM for Firefly and Season 8 of Buffy.
Setup: Andrew comes to the future in order to track down the last remaining slayers and to ensure that the lineage remains strong. Something goes wrong when Jayne goes to pick the boy up at the train station on Athens.
Notes: Once upon a time I fell in love with a beautiful nerdy boy on Buffy. *g* 
Betaed by the ever wonderful, [info]elsibet34