Strangely Literal Episode #069 – Shoulder to the Wheel (Dollhouse)

In this episode Tabz discusses why she’s a freak who never really “watches” TV and there’s a brief guest appearance by Tigger. We feature our very first Dollhouse fanfic!

Title: Shoulder to the Wheel

By [info]dana_serenity
Read by Heidi

Fandom: Dollhouse


Echo, mention of Boyd, Alpha

Chapters: Oneshot – Completed!

There’s a girl in the woods that looks like her, with her face and her voice.┬áBut not her words.

Author’s Notes: Drabble. Spoilers until 1×02 ‘The Target’. Dedicated to [info]force_oblique , because she rocks and she encouraged me to write something in this fandom.

One thought on “Strangely Literal Episode #069 – Shoulder to the Wheel (Dollhouse)

  1. Yay! Thank you so much for pointing this out to me! I absolutely love it, and am completely psyched that my story is up here!