Strangely Literal Episode #066 – DeLoran (Firefly/Sarah Connor)

Edited by Siobhan


Title: DeLorean
By missnyah
Read by: Heidi
Fandoms: SCCxFirefly
Warnings: Confusing
Summary: “And if cold metal didn’t feel like sanity at least it felt like continuity.”
Characters: River and Cameron-centric, ensemble cameos
Timeline: Firefly, post Objects in Space, pre-Serenity, SCC, post series
Disclaimer: I own neither Firefly nor Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. There are some quotes from and references to Back to the Future, if you spot them please keep in mind that I don’t own that either.
Thanks: To devilc for being a great beta in a pinch and adding a little Cameron sense to my River confusion.