Strangely Literal Episode #063 – Duct Tape (Dr. Horrible)

This episode was edited by John N.


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Title: Duct Tape
Author: sunscald
Read by Nuchtchas
Character and/or pairing: Dr. Horrible, Captain Hammer
Word count: 1,700 words
Rating: PG, although if there was a warning for Death by Puns? This would earn it.
Summary: Duct tape, in Dr. Horrible world? Is worlds of fabulous. This began from the random worldview musing that it seemed awfully easy to make a Death Ray. Just slap a piece of duct tape on the side of a random gun and write “Death Ray” in white. So…what else can be done with duct tape?
Disclaimer: I wish I were an Oscar-Meyer Whedon, but I am unfortunately not.