Strangely Literal Episode #37 – Ghosts Can’t Cry (Angel) & Vanilla Sugar (Firefly)

Intro by Larissa
Video of the Live Signal Recording (where Tabz was interviewed)
Podcast & New Media Expo
BBTL releases on Oct 5th, 2007

Fall Season:
Chuck (Adam Baldwin)
Bones (David Boreanaz)
Bionic Woman (Mark Sheppard)
Sarah Conner Chronicles (Summer Glau)
Without a Trace (James Marsters)
Criminal Minds (Nick Brendon)

Buffy Season 8
Sugar Shock
TFAW Buffy Contest

Ghosts Can’t Cry (Angel)
by Tabitha Grace Smith
Read Lynn from Culture Soup

Vanilla Sugar (Firefly)
by [info]stormkpr
Read by Steve from Geek Cred

Megaphone with – Not Your Enemy
and by Kingdom Hearts with – Hikari Instrumental