Strangely Literal Episode #36 – DJ Bloody (Buffy)


Intro by David C. Simon (who plays Wesley in BBTL)

DVD Talk reviews the Serenity Collector’s Edition DVD
Firefly Talk Won!
A Serenity Collector’s Edition DVD promotion
Tabz, Val and Kim at DragonCon 2007!
Let me know if you’re gonna be at DragonCon!

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Answers for the QotW from:
Paul Maki, gavinworld and autum1

Next Question of the Week: What Con would you most like to go to? And who would be the guests?

DJ Bloody (Buffyverse)
by Paul Maki ([info]johnboze)

One thought on “Strangely Literal Episode #36 – DJ Bloody (Buffy)

  1. Love he podcast so far. Just started listening.

    I have to say that fic was really creepy….gave me goosebumps it was so good. and having the Author read it was a treat. He really gave life to it ….so to speak.

    Well off to listen to the next one.