Strangely Literal Episode #20 – Colorless (Firefly)

Again, special thanks to [info]whedonesque for the news!

Whose on the cast commentary for the Serenity 2 Disc special edition
Buffy #1 sells out.
Firefly costume designer on a new show pilot!
Buffy #1 Gets 2nd Printing (New Cover!)

Answers to the question of the week: “What kind of fiction do you like?”
Tabz recommends reading the ficlets on [info]still_grrr

Next episode’s question of the week: Is Buffy Season 8 (the comics) and the Serenity comic books (written by Joss) canon in your mind?

Firefly Talk –  a great Firefly fan podcast!

Reminder about the Strangely LIteral podcast contest! (podtest?)

Title: Colorless
Author: Rory [info]divided_poet

Summary: “Your world is black and white now, Simon.”
Rating: G
Character(s): Simon Tam, River Tam.

Megaphone with – Not Your Enemy
and by Kingdom Hearts with – Hikari Instrumental