Strangely Literal Episode #19 – Bonus Show: Review of Buffy Season 8 #1

Note: the first part of this podcast is NOT spoilery (the second part is) and there’s fair warning.
Sorry for the clipping that occurs.. My mic is acting weird ‘cuz the levels seemed fine. Grr Argh!

I did want to get this out today.. hence the overabundance of ums. (is it bad that I wanted to beat the WhedonCast in getting a review episode out?)

PodTest… I mean Contest!

(special note these are ALL related to Buffy Season 8 and I may or may not have talked about them on my review show)
Buy the Varient Cover online
Buy Issue 1 online

Hercules Sees Season8.1
LA Times article about Buffy Season 8
IFMagazine reviews Buffy Season 8.1
IGN reviews Buffy Season 8.1
WindyHarbor reviews Buffy Season 8.1
IGN New Reader’s Guide
SlayAlive talks with Jo Chen (the cover artist)
SlayAlive talks with George Jeanty (artist)
Sarah Michelle Gellar’s stringent requirements on Jo Chen’s myspace
Buffy is an “Entertainment Weekly Big Event for 07”.
Buffy season 8 comic book writers announced!

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