ANNOUNCING: The first ever Strangely Literal podtest… I mean contest!

So I have some extra “variant” cover for issue #1 and figured I’d bring this little contest to the listeners of my podcast.

To win:
Write a 100 word drabble (must be 100 words EXACTLY) for the upcoming “Buffy Drabble” bonus episode of Strangely Literal
create a fan art iTunes cover for “Strangely Literal” (300 pixels by 300 pixels). The artwork must be Buffy related and say “Strangely Literal” on it.

Drabbles MUST be Buffy-centric (as in Buffy is the main character)
Rating must be PG-13 or under.

I’ll pick the drabble and/or artwork I like best and you’ll get a comic.

For overseas peeps, it might take a bit longer for you to get your prize, but I’m happy to send it out to you.

entries MUST be received by March 30th (giving you two weeks more or less)
and they MUST be emailed to supcomtabz @ gmail dot com WITH
your name, your screenname (indicate if you don’t want your real name used on the podcast)
address where you want the comic mailed
and your story or graphic (stories within the text of the email, graphics attached)

Participants may submit as many drabbles/pieces of artwork as they wish
HOWEVER: they must be “new” to this contest and not posted anywhere else.

All stories will appear (regardless of winning or losing) and all graphics might be used in upcoming episodes.

Have fun writing!